matthias taube








Imagery against the technical gaze

Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel “The Idiot,” through its epilepsy-suffering hero Prince Myshkin, living in the greatest confusion and distance to the worldly society around him, portrays how limited and biased our human ability to truly comprehend the word as it is. Myshkin fails in his social aspirations because he is true to his feelings and expresses them openly, even though exactly this guilelessness is what grants him a uniquely perceptive clarity of sight and thought.

In the IDIOT series, a dissembled, confusing, and unclear view of the world is deliberately aestheticized in order to give these failures of sight and understanding a form.

Portfolio containing five prints and one text sheet of hand-set type on Rives handmade paper in a reinforced and printed gray folder (edition of twenty), printed by Artur Dieckhoff, Schwarze Kunst, Büchten, Lower Saxony, published in cooperation with Galerie Ruth Sachse | Kunst der Gegenwart (Ruth Sachse Gallery of Contemporary Art), Hamburg, 2009.