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Next Year in Jerusalem

"Next Year in Jerusalem" is a project that includes a total of 24 equal-sized paintings. It should be presented according to the exact date of origin chronological sorted from top left to bottom right in a 6 x 4 square images wide (net 4,80 x 4,80 m).

DOWNLOAD the entire project as a screen view.


Above all, I did not know where and when I would do it. Next year in Jerusalem! I told myself, in order to defer, perhaps indefinitely the fulfillment of this promise. Jacques Derrida, How not to talk, 1989


Yesterday I sat in a place where I said something that sounds incredible. I said that Jerusalem is as near to my soul as the place where I am now. In truth, that which is a thousand miles beyond Jerusalem is as near to my soul as my own body; I am as sure of this as of being a man. Meister Eckhart, 2nd sermon